WATCH: CNN asks Americans about Trump after Cohen, Manafort legal troubles

WATCH: CNN asks Americans about Trump after Cohen, Manafort legal troubles

CNN recently asked a wide-range of Americans living in northeast Pennsylvania — Republicans, Democrats, and independents — for their opinions on President Donald Trump following the legal developments surrounding Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, two men deeply tied to the president
It’s clear the segment did not go as CNN planned.What happened?.When CNN correspondent Jason Carroll asked residents in Luzerne County — which supported Barack Obama in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, but flipped to support Donald Trump in 2016 — for their thoughts on the president following this week’s news, he was met with reactions that will shock east coast elites
Anne Marie Lenahan, a registered Democrat who voted for Obama then supported Trump, told Carroll she is able to overlook Trump’s moral failings
However, she added one caveat: She said it would not “be good” if money used to cover up Trump’s alleged infidelity came from “campaign funds
”“However, I would still vote for him again,” she said.Richard Sorokas and his wife Eileen, both registered Democrats who voted for Obama, showered Trump with praise for his handling of the economy
They characterized the Cohen and Manafort stories as a “sideshow.” Bob Sellon, a registered Republican, bashed special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation
Americans were told the probe was meant to investigate Russian interference, but “so far I’ve seen nothing concerning that,” he said
Independents who supported Trump in 2016 told Carroll they might re-consider their support if Trump pardons either Manafort or Cohen
However, they were adamant the Mueller investigation has gone on for too long and should be concluded soon
At the conclusion of Carroll’s report, CNN host Poppy Harlow remarked: “That was a fascinating piece, Jason”

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