100 thoughts on “Watch live: Michael Horowitz testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee

  1. This is far worse than Watergate and the media spent three years protecting the perpetrators. I'm surprised CBS is airing it, perhaps there is a vapor of hope they will start being journalists again who expose corruption no matter where it comes from. I however have no hope for either our journalists nor our government. Corrupt to the core.

  2. It’s was like a big tornado and earthquake struck democrats when Trump won the election. Lol!⚡️🌪 Big depression to those who tried to pull trump down.

  3. The media at it again, covering up the lies. Somehow this blind allegiance to “intelligence” agencies is absurd. Same agencies that have lied spied interfered with Martin Luther King, and always create proxy wars in other countries, including leading us to the war in Iraq and other failed regime changes. They MUST DEFINITELY spied on the Trump campaign, and this obviously favored the Clinton Campaign. That is the true abuse of power. But a majority of lunatics in this country take what the media tells them as “reality”. Sad!

  4. They doctored the email because they are law corrupted.Electronics has an honoset on a one side sending to a second in receiving line. There are many things that can intercept to stain the honest sendings.

  5. 2 For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.

    3 Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.

  6. It I had to line up all the Democrats before kicking them off a cliff into a lake of fire, I would have Sheldon Whitehouse towards the end. I like him.

  7. They just say because the guy making the decision on opening the investigation didn't message anything biased that it was not bias but all the guys crafting and manipulating the evidence that lead him to take that decision had tons of bias and hate proven by their messages, so it's completely BS to say that there was no bias.

  8. Simple question: if those agents were indeed conspiring against Trump, how would their conduct be any different?
    If it wouldn't be any different then they are criminals.

  9. It is very bad for the FBI and the Democratic Party that pushed the IG investigation of the Trump Campaign's collusion with the Russians.

  10. By the time the report came up for renewal they no longer needed the Steele doscier, they had significant evidence that suggested they were on the right path

  11. Call me an anti-semite, but how is it that so many Jews are involved one way or another in the impeachment game? Schuler, Rosenstein, Weinstein, Nadler, Schiff, Tapper, Maddow, Wallace, and, of course, Horowitz. Interesting that Horowitz does not recommend any indictments of the deep state gang.

  12. Horowitz didn't give the Dems the answers they wanted…another Mueller Report. Horowitz was limited in scope of his investigation. How many times did he refer to Dist Atty Durham coming with his report?

  13. So the FBI lied and falsified in order to get approval to spy on the opposing party, and then withheld facts that would have stopped the phone taps and spying? Wow…..pretty Nixonesque, except Watergate was a bunch of burgler-bumblers without the FBI resources.

    This is far more disturbing.

    Not surprised the IG is underplaying the results as Errors, and that the higher ups are claiming ignorance in order to throw the lower level FBI troops under the bus. This high level investigation was not a few rogue low level agents acting independently. We Americans are not stupid enough to believe that.

    Comey and his cadre need to be nervous, especially if it is found that Joseph Mifsud was connected to English or Western intelligence prior to the Papadopoulos meeting.

    This FISA court process was in place since 1978. If it has been this loosely run by each majority party for this long, that is quite frightening.

    These were not errors (ie accidental), these were falsifications and omissions(ie criminal intent).

    Fun to listen to CBS "shocked" and then spinning this during the break. Antwon clearly would love to have a candlelight dinner with Trumpy?? Easy to feel the love…. listening and watching him crank out the hate.

  14. now wait a minute folks, when george w was in office, my phone was crackling a lot and the phone company said they had to check inside. they cut my phone lines that lead to my garage that I had installed when I bought my house, and then they showed me a bad line that they said was in my basement, but it had fresh house paint on it from outside my house. that president's cabinet was responsible for messing with me, probably, because they must have thought I was muslim, because they left a recording on my phone of a waterboarding! that was the republicans then, too.

  15. It would be nice to have honesty in our political leaders, we don't want foreign influence in our elections only trump wants foreign assets to interfere and his puppeteer!

  16. if you people are innocent well that's great. but that has been proven to have some russian interference involved so, as you were preaching?which are you, the pot or the kettle?

  17. Lindsey, you can't tell me all of you republicans that were running for that presidential seat didn't feel the same way about trump.

  18. They. Spun a wheel, and it landed on TRUMP 2020. Seventeen times in a row ! Filthy liar. Horowitz ! CIA agent lied on by dem filthy lawyer !

  19. Greatest danger to a free system and civil liberties is a dictator who tries to control the entire state. Checks and balances works best to preserve a democracy. FBI should be biased against criminal behaviour and focus on uncovering the facts, let them do their job. The findings should be challenged not hidden. Maybe a president is not qualified for the job if he or she retains a huge legal team, and continues to tie things up in the courts in order to preserve secrets.

  20. The FBI stands with Killer Clinton. Clinton probably had Seth Rich killed and the FBI probably killed him for Killer Clinton. They’re dirty crooks.

  21. I can't wait until the child trafficking evidence against the DS is released. The MSM will have their work cut out for them.

  22. …and now CBS is complicit in the coup against the President CBS lied about the dossier and the Russia hoax for over 2 years and covered up for Epstein for years as well Despicable enemies of the people!

  23. Oh this is precious. Ted Cruz flapping his gums about abuse of power, while defending the orange blowtard who insinuated that Cruz's father had a part in the assassination of JFK.

  24. Did anybody catch that BS Kamala Harris was running? What a crock! Her narrative is from the lame stream media who hype all things fake news! She's a liar! No wonder she's a presidential drop out. Honest democrats don't support liars.

    Also, I was surprised that fake news CBS brought up some points in favor of the truthful narrative that Trump was spied on. Cudos to Molly Hooper for trying to keep the narrative on point.

  25. And NOTHING will happen to a single one of the crooked corrupt liars. They will collect their BIG salaries on the backs of honest Americans. Americans need stop fighting each other and revolt against the corrupt government.

  26. WHOA WHOA WHOA their first guest was wrong. the Steele dossier was quote “We determined the Crossfire Hurricane team’s receipt of the Steele election

    reporting on Sept. 19, 2016 played a central and essential role in the FBI and Department’s decision to seek the FISA order".
    you can find it on pages 80, 94, 95, AND 102
    Why are they trying to spin it to say it wasn't the main reason to open the investigation? MSM is at it again.
    This report should scare every American.

  27. —- > The purpose of a counter-intelligence investigation is NOT to protect the President, any individual person or group, or conspiratorial actors who invite foreign interference in our elections. It is to protect the Constitution and national security. What's the purpose in briefing a potential criminal, a person (Michael Flynn) who is already the subject of an FBI investigation?.

    …. Trump didn't fire his National Security Advisor after finding out from the FBI that he could be compromised and lied to them … until after the media exposed it. It's ridiculous to brand someone as biased because they don't want a president who solicits help from a foreign adversaries.. Republicans are so disingenuous. They won't even pass legislation that requires back up paper ballots in elections.

    —- > The ones to be remembered: Former mi6 agent Christopher Steele gave the dossier to the FBI and to his own government. Former British diplomat, Sir Andrew Wood, gave the dossier to John McCain. Lyndsey Graham advised McCain to give it to the FBI. McCain gave it to the FBI and the McCain Institute.
    …. Steele informed Mother Jones News about the existence of a dossier in September. 2016 The In January 2017, McCain Institute gave the Steele dossier to Buzzfeed who was the first to publish it.

    —- > it was not in U.S. interests to fire one of our top intelligence agents for more than 20 years. Strzok was the senior person in the U.S. government in charge of investigating foreign governments mounting intelligence operations against the United States on U.S. soil.
    … "Reports say pressure to fire Strzok came from Trump. The OPR (Office of Personal Responsibliity) was over ruled by Boutisch, the deputy director."
    Peter Strzok’s Lawyer: Firing Was ‘Political’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9AC7CXe8so

  28. Think of flipping a coin, one that had a pro -trump and a anti-Trump side, Let's call it SCALES OR FEDS. FEDS, U lose, SCALES, U WIN. Here are some of the probabilities involved in consecutive flips going either for or against you. Flip once, it's a 50% chance you lose(or win). Flip 6 times (remember HRC's Nevada primary was won this way) your chance of winning(or losing) all of them in a row is 0.0156% . To have the flip go against you 17 times is a 0.00076% chance. Now, Horowitz called out 17 Major issues, but referenced there were many, said around 50 such issues, but less important.
    The chance of 50 flips going against you is 1 in a Quadrillion!!.That's 50 considering Horowitz was not authorized to talk to ANYONE outside of FBI. Just thinking about Mueller, add another 19 because he was unable to find ONE gop leaning member on the team. if you take the number to 69 it's a chance so remote it rivals major cosmic questions

  29. When Cruz mentions Hillary Horwitz goes to his Hillary folder and tries to look at really quickly when I'm asked this what am I supposed to answer

  30. You guys are clearly deleting comments on this video. 600k views and the top comment has 39 likes and there’s literally only about 8 comments with over 4 likes… I’ll probably get thanos’d too. Thanks for the fascism.

  31. These announcers have to read dot understand report before actually commenting on what report. Said on bias. They would acyually be useful if they did this

  32. If "that's not what prompted" the investigation, she says. If that were true, the FBI would not have "omitted" CIA emails 17 X's in VA, DC, & NY on 4 fisas

  33. CBSN is not reporting the depth of what was revealed in the senate during this testimony. A real news station would report the historic findings. I’m furious at our main news resources, they are sticking their heads in the sand.

  34. So Molly Hooper insists that the investigation started when information came to light from Australia, about Papadopoulos' contact with Russians came to light. Papadopoulos was set up and stitched up. The USA intelligence community interference in the election started earlier. Who can trust the main stream media to get anything right? Let's wait for Durham.

  35. I will say I had my reservations about watching this, but it sounds like some MSM may be seeing the light, and disclosing facts, not conjecture, opinion, or presumptions.

  36. If Trump's attorney gets investigated (for offering to trade favors with Ukraine for an investigation of Biden) would OUR investigators THEN look into Biden's activities with Ukraine?

  37. Was it intentional… was it incompetence? Maybe it was: "I don't want to loose my cushy job so I will do anything you say boss…. like I will hear no evil, say no evil, see no evil."

  38. So upsetting that these Democrats are more interested in the statement that he found no bias than in the fact that we have liars and thieves in our justice department.

  39. I applaud CBSN; at how good they are at sophistry against a clear abuse of power by the FBI and State Dept. while pretending that Trump is the one that abused his power.

    They've been investigating Trump since before he was a clear candidate. With the full force of the government-and I'm sure, upwards of 50 million dollars(of your money)-the two articles are what they have?
    Just in time to smear hime just before another possible election?

  40. Come on Antwon. Way to quote Trump on the "few bad people" line. but this guy clearly couldn't get passed being a democrat to being honest about the situation.

  41. Just because you have justification to open an investigation doesn't mean its all fine and dandy to abuse your powers and do whatever you want to keep the investigation alive.

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