Wednesday Weekly World News 21st December 2016

Wednesday Weekly World News 21st December 2016

Alreet YouTube and Fellow Preppers, this is Geordie Prepper, hope you’re in fine fettle this is this week’s Weekly World News on wednesday the 21st of December and we turn now to an article in The Economist which is reporting on Venezuela’s government’s absolutely crazy experiments with the cash venezuela canceled the 100 Bolivar note which makes up seventy-seven percent of all the cash transactions in the country. Given the huge economic crisis which is in Venezuela, the massive food shortages and that the people were simply not going to accept the withdrawal of the bank note which makes up seventy-seven percent of all the transactions in which they need now simply to survive from day to day. I believe that this was the will of the people which helped to stall this withdrawal of the banknote and it should be encouragement to all people around the world that if you stand up against the government and voice your opinion and your will that they simply have to listen. Turning to Russia now and ITAR TASS is reporting that Russia is to launch 10 missile attack warning satellites by 2020 this is further actions being taken by Russia to respond against western-backed aggression towards them, the encroachment and surrounding of Russia with military bases means that is simply prudent and responsible that Russia take action to detect, defend and in the most serious of cases retaliate with suitable and equal or overwhelming force. Kitco is reporting that India is to offer tax benefits to promote the cashless economy this is further action after the withdrawal of many high-denomination cash notes in the country that was simply rendered as useless this is a further push by the private central bankers to promote the cashless economy and we must be fully prepared and engaged to resist the cashless society, it being the second biggest threat to our freedoms and liberties. I call on all Preppers to lead this charge to resist the cashless society and to promote and actively engage in using more cash. Turning to news now in the Prepper community Armed Rogue has done an excellent video on bug out bag food ideas this is one particular area which I myself have not done a lot of work in and it’s something that i do need to address and i would encourage everyone listening to think about what they have in their bug out bag visit Armed Rogue’s video here and you may get some ideas from her and you may be able to suggest some back to the community itself of what you have and this will enable the whole of the community to prepare in a better way. And finally turning to weather watching and space dutchsinse is reporting on what many other outlets have reported on, certainly alternative media outlets are reporting on, is that large waves of energy from unknown sources have been hitting Earth for quite a while now and it seems that people are reporting that this increase of energy hitting the earth is going to come to a crescendo approximately from the 21st onwards for a few days it’s a reminder to all that there are things that don’t just affect us from on earth itself and the planet itself but many external sources to the planet are indeed very significant and one only has to look into the historical event of the Carrington event and the effect that had on the planet where the biggest CME ever recorded caused the most technologically advanced systems at the time which were telegraph systems to be able to be operated with the batteries disconnected. That concludes this week’s Weekly World News thank you very much for watching and for your support this is Geordie Prepper saying be safe and be prepared.

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6 thoughts on “Wednesday Weekly World News 21st December 2016

  1. Venezuela and India's move to demonetize is truly a cause for concern as these trends may continue for some time and throughout varying economic markets. Image a demonetization of the USD or its equivalents and within the chaos taking four $50 notes to get some bread and milk.

  2. Thanks for sharing important news, Preppers share a common bond love of freedom, we lack information sources, I do not know what tricks the establishment does in Lagos Nigeria I do know, however if the trick works in Lagos they will try in America with a different twist. South Korea bankers are starting to limit cash. Once cash is outlawed so will travel of any distances without permission.

  3. Nicely done. Do you subscribe to Suspicious Observers channel? Ben gives daily updates on space weather and how it effects our planet. They now have an earthquake prediction app too.

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