Wolf Protects Pups From a Bear | BBC Earth

Wolf Protects Pups From a Bear | BBC Earth

you can see how the younger wolves are
excited by the arrival of their father
these younger wolves are his pups from
previous years in fact they still lick
at his mouth to be fed like they did
when they were small
it’s so rare to see this I feel very
but then my eye in the sky spots a black
bear approaching the den
I see it before the Wolves do they don’t
realize the approaching threat while the
black bear would be hard-pressed to take
on an adult it could be after the pups
every time the bear tries to go into the
trees where the pop star storm bites him
in the rear but forcing the bear to turn
back to face them
by working together a combination of
pushing from behind and leading him on
storming his offspring
get the bear away from the dead
I think that bears just as happy as the
Wolves to be out of there

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100 thoughts on “Wolf Protects Pups From a Bear | BBC Earth

  1. Good video… I have never seen wolves Vs black bear… I had only seen GRIZZLY bear dominating 20 wolves

  2. I guess being racist about feeling in danger near those that are black, transcends even species.. but bearly

  3. 0:17 "they still lick at his mouth to be fed like they did when they were small." I didn't know Tom Brady and his family live in the wild.

  4. That was a brilliant strategic plan on the part of the Wolves who manipulated the bear away from their young with apparent ease… with no verbal communication needed between them (at least percepted by me)
    Bear was like…. I just want to get past! 😃

  5. Wolf: “Guys he’s back again”

    “Seriously.” “BRUHH” “omg this again”

    Wolf: “I know I know, we should seriously tell him that we don’t like playing with him, he’s literally no fun and always gets butthurt and sensitive after”

  6. Wolf mum " Ah oh a bear, get inside the den now!!!
    Bear " My food is here
    Mother wolf " I'll protect you from the preditor" WOOF HOWL WOOF WOOF HOWL SNAP. Off goes the bear and the pups are safe

  7. Say: He is Allah, the One!
    Allah, the eternally Besought of all!
    He begetteth not nor was begotten.
    And there is none comparable unto Him.

  8. Wolves are the apex canines. Dogs are their heritage and possibly the smartest of all animals. Chimps throw poop at you. Dolphins cannot detect cancer or fetch your paper. Canines are mans greatest companion for good reason.

  9. can people live in harmony with wolfhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax5K8DEsznw&list=PL0elpDTFRnuoVbDlEqH1MwKqdV33M_j0N&index=3

  10. Notice that none of the wolves ever confront the bear directly. Great strategy plan from the Wolves to keep the bear away from the den!!

  11. It was the collective resistance and tactics of the wolves that proved effective but man a bear is such a fierce formidable creature.

  12. My husky has stuffy chipmunk babies and if you make them squeak she gets mad and aside from me will try to get u away from them and her bed. Aside from butt biting she likes to slap me with her butt when she wants to play

  13. US and UK use bear to representing Russia, it's a old politic game(they use symbols to manipulate people and minds).

  14. That was one of the most amazing videos I've ever seen. You could actually see the alpha male father teaching the yearlings how to bite the bear on the ass so it would leave without a major fight.

  15. Now we know humans
    We have encounter the best thing if u see a bear
    Bite HES BUTT see so he runs away like always

    Not rlly..

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