100 thoughts on “World Leaders Take ‘Class Photo’ At G-7 | MSNBC

  1. I believe Trump thought he would have upper hand. But Trump looks like he was taken off guide ha. No helicopter background noise now. You have to talk real political issues and understand the art of communication, not throw your dummie out of the pram.

  2. I applaud Macron and his wife for being such amazing actors in the midst of this horrible fiasco, NAMELY, DONALD TRUMP!

  3. In another photo looks like Malania was hitting on Trudeau (total flirtatious facial expression) while the dumpshit was tweeting

  4. It is funny in the picture no one wants to stand by Trump for the photo no one really wants to talk to him. Maybe the others are getting even with Trump.

  5. Every one wants a picture with a winner! You notice the fear of not wanting to test us,America she's a great country!

  6. Ha ha! Notice how everyone else is smiling but trump isnt because he knows everyone knows he is a loser. Ah Karma

  7. The chosen clown is the orange elephant in the room that no one respects. Just look closely at the body languages and glances.

  8. If you will take a good look, it seems as if Trump is standing alone. All bunched up on either side but open in the middle. Do you think this will sink in?

  9. https://www.westernjournal.com/ct/elites-caught-amazon-wildfire-lie-nasa-confirms-average-fire-season/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=CTBreaking&utm_campaign=breaking&utm_content=conservative-tribune

  10. Obama was smiling sell-out while Trump puts America first. Of course, the G7 preferred the sell-out over Trump.

  11. OMG! That NASTY scowl on Trumps face! He's such an embarrassment to our country! Tired of waking up to his UGLY attitude day after day! 2020 can't come soon enough! 💙

  12. Smart OBAMA bugged Merkel and the German Parliament: Same class. America is as dangerous for democracy as ever. The good ones are Springsteen, Willie Nelson & Friends * * *

  13. The french guy is so handsy…I would have told him to keep his creepy hands to himself. His fake smile is already creepy enough.

  14. You can be like Europe also. 50% youth unemployment negative interest rates and Muslims sending you back to the 6th Century BC

  15. "The banks of the Atlantic Ocean". And if this was in Paris, no doubt it would be the coast of the River Seine. Smh.

  16. Have you heard @ MSNBC Trump arranging next G7 on his private property- IS HE his own giving FOR FREE FULL ACCOMODATION OR …?????
    AND IF NOT WHY US ALLOWING THIS ( it's not first time he mix government dealings with his personal profits)??

  17. They should NOT have put him front and center, that just feeds self-importance at a time when he needs to be knocked down a peg (or ten).

  18. Fear is a form of autism, the president Trump might be so private that he shows signs of being slightly autistic.

    Challenges are fun.

    Nice surprise to see all of the earth’s captains, as we have no steering wheel, while we continually revolve to rotate around the Sun as one.
    Hitting nothing, afraid of no one.

  19. What was his point in attending when he avoids discussions re climate change (climate emergency) and the Amazon?
    G7: Trump skips talks on climate crisis and Amazon fires https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/aug/26/donald-trump-skips-g7-talks-on-climate-crisis-and-amazon-fires?CMP=share_btn_tw

  20. Why is Trump front and center. Isn't placement ordered by seniority in job? He should be back row and off to one end.

  21. I’m pretty sure every class has a class clown. Hello world sorry to say America has provided the clown for this picture.Feel free to keep him he’s nothing more than a pathetic disgrace to our country. Maybe next year we can send you our best but for now this coward man child is all we have to offer…..

  22. Baltimore would be a much better place to host the G7 2020.  The Hyatt there is so much better that trump's shithole hotel

  23. Are you even watching your own video? They're standing there talking to each other! MSNBC…literally making things up. Bless your heart!!! Ratings are just slip sliding away!!

  24. You might as well report "I witnessed a unicorn fly right past President Trump". Yep. That's MSNBC's quality "reporting". 😂😂😂


  26. Did Trump pushed anyone out of the way so he could have the best spot for the photo? He did that once to a leader of a Balkan country. He's always gotta be the center of attention. A very insecure narcissist.

  27. Laughing Trump looks like he is trying to stand taller than the man next too him  laughing,  DAM we're an embarrassment

  28. Trump knows all their corrupt pedophile transgender Satan worshipping secrets that’s why their uncomfortable!

  29. Good idea next year's G-7 on Epsteins Lolita island ,Trump and Clinton can show off all the best rooms, Barr can be there to rope off all the crime scenes

  30. Everyone looks very happy except for the fat orange guy in middle, Trump's complaining to french president because he had to stand behind wife people could not see his full 239 lbs lol

  31. Nuclear agreement DIDN'T fall apart, Trump withdrew and forced the rest to sanction them. It was disgusting and no one was happy about it.

  32. Trump is the best president ever and the world loves him. Trump 2020 Thank you so much sir for helping Americans first. Trump2020

  33. One correction: The Iranian deal did not "fall apart." Trump deliberately trashed the deal once he took office. The Iranians were in compliance up to that point.

  34. Fake as conversations macron can’t stop point at nothing. Point over there 👉🏼 where over there 👉🏼 oooooh over there 👉🏼 okay yes yes.

  35. President trump forgot to bring Ivanka along to fill in for him. She really would have come in handy to fill in for him during the climate change meeting..

  36. https://www.toddstarnes.com/values/you-wont-believe-what-happened-at-librarys-drag-queen-story-hour/?utm_source=Todd+Starnes+Newsletter&utm_campaign=643b8693f0-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_03_26_05_35_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_92d26c77ee-643b8693f0-113562145

  37. This is what happens to an individual that's not pick for dodgeball or any sports….. in his case it might have been Monopoly….

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