World News May 26, 1995 Part 1

Bosnian Serbs use UN troops as human shields trying to prevent more NATO airstrikes at the OJ Simpson trial and then there were four the pool of alternates dwindles as another juror is dismissed and the president’s nominee for Surgeon General stays alive on Capitol Hill from ABC this is World News Tonight with Peter Jennings sitting in tonight Forrest Sawyer good evening the United Nations struggle to impose peace in Bosnia Herzegovina has turned into an international game of chicken with UN soldiers lives in the balance yesterday NATO warplanes blasted a Bosnian Serb target after the Serbs stole heavy weapons from the UN and continue to shell civilian targets today the Bosnian Serbs seized UN soldiers to use as human shields against future attacks the US has called the action an outrage but how the international community will respond is far from clear ABC’s Garrick Utley has more no no this was what United Nations officials had feared could happen in Bosnia one day the chilling sight of UN soldiers held hostage chained to poles at a Bosnian Serb ammunition base which had been attacked by NATO planes one hostage was Russian one a Canadian and a UN soldier from the Czech Republic tied to the door of a warehouse filled with crates of weapons in a defiant radio message to un officials the Bosnian Serbs issued their threat and the voice of one of the UN hostages speaking under coercion if the bombing justa can I finish started to tell you that we will die for the sake of NATO or 12 planes took part in the airstrikes today they were aimed at six ammunition bunkers only a mile from the Bosnian Serb headquarters in pali outside sarajevo there were two secondary explosions evidence that ammunition had been destroyed the attacks which began yesterday were led by US planes UN officials say the ammunition base was an appropriate target Shell’s stored there were used by Bosnian sir in the heavy weapons they seized earlier this week from UN control NATO’s actions have come in response to persistent and flagrant violations of the safe areas by the Bosnian Serbs the most flagrant violation came in one of those safe areas in Tuzla last night two artillery shells struck a crowded cafe 71 people died men women and children it was the highest known death toll in a single attack in three years of war this was one response by the Bosnian Serbs to the airstrikes there were others in Sarajevo this morning an artillery shell hit an apartment building five people were wounded and then there are the UN hostages at least eight of them were being held chained or handcuffed and up to 200 more peacekeepers are surrounded in their bases the Bosnian Serbs hope that by threatening their lives NATO and the United Nations can be forced to back down garrick utley ABC News the hostage situation has left the United Nations and Western Allies uncertain how to respond forced to choose among options that appear to range from bad to worse here’s ABC’s David Ensor during an oval office meeting today President Clinton called the airstrikes a very appropriate response to the behavior of the Bosnian Serbs the taking of hostages as well as the killing of civilians by them is totally wrong and inappropriate and it should stop but what if it doesn’t stop the airstrikes and the violent Serb response have left policymakers with two unattractive alternatives a wider war with NATO involvement or a forced pullout of the United Nations peacekeepers from Bosnia senior Pentagon officials have said such a withdrawal would require the help of 25,000 US troops in Rome today defense secretary William Perry said Bosnian Serb aggression has become so brazen that he favors continued airstrikes until that aggression ends in my judgment there Oh allowing the shelling or the cities to continue how much greater than the risk and in trying to stop it already however the costs of trying to stop them have been high after yesterday’s air strike the serb shelled five of the six un safe areas killing 76 people today’s strike led to the chaining of UN personnel as human shields US officials call that despicable and repulsive but were unwilling or unable to say how the West will respond Western leaders did contact Russian president Boris Yeltsin today asking him to intercede with the Serbs I will try Yeltsin said but you should have called me before the air strikes not after such appeals to the Bosnian Serbs our mistakes say some Republicans including former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger if we’re going to get tough then get tough and I mean by that some really some very serious bombing that tells the Serbs that this is not going to go on any longer but getting tough remains easier for Americans to support then for Europeans or Canadians they are the ones with troops on the ground in Bosnia they are the ones most at risk as the Serbs respond to air strikes David Ensor ABC News the State Department still ahead the OJ Simpson case another change in the jury box the release of the Camelot papers now Jackie Kennedy shaped the way Americans would remember her husband and our person of the week making new lives on the river in the OJ Simpson murder trial one more juror has been removed and the chance of a mistrial has gotten a little bigger today as expected judge Lance Ito announced the jurors replacement and the move is seen as helpful to the defense ABC’s Judy Muller has more the court found good cause to replace juror number 12 with that juror number 12 38 year old Francine Bunton became the eighth member of the panel to be dismissed since January the judge gave no reason but there are unconfirmed reports that she was writing a book and a call to KABC radio today she deny back you know they suggested that it was not only me that was running a book but somehow my husband was involved and he with on the literary agent and he was making deals and he was forcing me to have to – who stay as a juror her replacement a 71 year old retired black woman on her juror questionnaire she said that racial discrimination in Southern California is a somewhat serious problem and that she had never heard of the defendant before the trial the jury now consists of eight african-americans to Caucasians and two Hispanics with only four jurors in the alternate pool the reconstituted jury heard more testimony today from LAPD criminalist Colin Yamauchi defense attorney Barry Scheck accused Yamauchi of caving in to pressure from detectives to rush DNA testing the day after the murders did anybody tell you to get DNA results on the Bundy blood drops and the glove within one day no replied Yamauchi it was his idea even though police had asked the lab to make it a high priority he conceded that he’d tested a total of 23 samples in one day eight more than the maximum recommended in testing manuals shed repeatedly applied that rush testing could result in contamination an impatient judge Ito repeatedly interrupted chef you’re talking about common-sense things here and we’re spending a lot of time on it Your Honor we are talking about basic points of training that’s correct all right let’s establish for Ludwig Racine in a setback for the defense today judge Ito ruled against the request to allow in Simpson’s statement to the police the day after the murders the prosecution had argued that would have been tantamount to allowing Simpson to testify without being subjected to cross-examination judy muller ABC News Los Angeles one other bit of legal news for the first time since the 1870s it is going to be legal to carry a concealed handgun in Texas as of January Governor George Bush signed a new law today which will allow most Texans over 21 to apply for concealed gun licenses a similar bill was signed yesterday in Oklahoma in a moment the nominee for Surgeon General dr. Foster takes a step forward when you fly just how fresh and clean is the air up there your eyes hurt you might have sneezing episodes might have coughing and congestion we took our own flights and did our own tests and what we found you should know 20/20 tonight dr. Henry Foster’s nomination to the job of surgeon general is still alive tonight by a nine to seven margin a Senate committee voted to recommend his nomination to the full Senate it was a victory for President Clinton who has stood firmly by his nominee during months of fallout over abortions foster performed during his career ABC’s John Cochran is on Capitol Hill Republicans said dr. Foster should not be rejected simply because he performed abortions at the same time they said foster could not properly serve the interests of Americans who oppose abortion Lia’s match is gonna be the Surgeon General for people who favor his position on abortion he’s got to be the Surgeon General for for all Americans Republicans said that because the last Surgeon General Joycelyn elders was so controversial her successor should be free of controversy despite his many strengths I believe that dr. Foster is the wrong person to step into this badly damaged office at this time but two republicans broke ranks Jim Jeffords from Vermont and Bill Frist who like Foster is from Tennessee and like Foster is a doctor I believe his nomination should be referred out of committee favorably and brought before the United States Senate despite the committee’s approval on a nine to seven vote Republican leader Bob Dole has still not decided whether to permit the full Senate to vote and doles presidential rival Phil Gramm of Texas vows to filibuster to kill the nomination with all that in mind President Clinton appeared with his nominee it would be unusual and warranted yes this fine man were denied his day in court in the Senate and I don’t believe the American people want that to happen and I don’t believe that a majority of the Senate wants that to happen most senators do want to vote but it takes more than a majority it takes three-fifths of the Senate to stop a filibuster and anti-abortion forces warn that could be politically dangerous they cautioned any senator voting against a filibuster will be regarded as aiding abortion John Cochran ABC News Capitol Hill at the White House today somebody else has climbed over the fence onto the White House grounds the second in three days he did not get far we’ve had a week to see how those new security arrangements no traffic in front of the White House are working here’s ABC’s Brit Hume the guy just jumped the fence the incident was partially captured on videotape by a tourist who was waiting in line outside the White House about where the intruder jumped the fence police quickly seized the man who was described as unarmed and having no apparent intention of harming the first family later 24-year old Andrew Jopling of no fixed address was led to a police van to be hauled away his immediate fate up to the district attorney fence jumpers have been common at the White House but have gotten more attention since the White House was shot at had a plane crashed into it and this week a man with a gun was shot by Secret Service after he jumped the fence the ceiling off of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House to virtually all motor traffic may have eased security worries about a truck or car bomb but may also have worsened another police headache the street is now a virtual mall heavily populated by rollerblade enthusiasts tourists and a wide assortment of resident protesters who used to make their cases from the park across the street but are now much closer I plan to stay here Wow I don’t know what the police having they are keeping the police busy and it seems giving those permanent protesters one more thing to protest about this is that symbol of democracy and freedom and by putting on this validation multi police it’s just a fortress are not it still open to tourists nearly every day and they seem to enjoy the show both inside the building and out britt hume ABC News the White House Consumer News Philip Morris is voluntarily recalling several of its major brands of cigarettes including Marlboros merits and Virginia Slims the tobacco company says contaminated materials used in a small number of cigarette filters may cause eye nose and throat irritation as well as dizziness consumers are being told to return their cigarettes for a refund Philip Morris says it is not sure any of the affected cigarettes ever reached the stores but it has ordered the recall as a precaution on Wall Street today the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost more than 43 points closing at 43 sixty-nine trading was moderate on the Nasdaq market stocks lost nearly five and a half points in our next segment Jackie Kennedy and the birth of the Camelot myth you

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