World News Openings in the 60’s Part 1

Good evening
This edition of the Telegiornale included in the special program of 25 consecutive hours
dedicated to the first human landing in the moon…
From the closure of the last edition of Telediario yesterday
have been arriving to our newsroom many news…
Direct from our newsroom in Washington
In Color
This is the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite
and Russ Hodge in Memphis, Tennessee
Dan Rather in New York
Bernard Kalb in Saigon
Marvin Kalb in Wellington, New Zealand
and Bert Quint in Khe Sanh, South Vietnam
Good evening
Dr. Martin Luther King, the apostle of non-violence in the Civil Rights Movement
has been shot to dead in Memphis, Tennessee…
On air
Jornal Nacional
The news uniting 70 million of Brazilians…
Svetlana Stalin is hidden tonight somewhere in Switzerland
After her flight from Russia by Delhi and Rome
News from Washington is the President Johnson personally ordered
that she should not be taken to the United States
so as to avoid straining US-Soviet relations
Our Washington correspondant Charles Wheeler
Svetlana’s first american….
Good night folks
Sunday will be marked by the instability of the weather
according to the Meteorology Office…
Kaiser Industries Argentina
Ladies and gentlemen this is Telenoche
Nothing more fleeting than the present
What a good thought, but what is that for?
Well, I was thinking about our today’s program, right?
Yes, it’s true.
Today we will show you something different to the news…
The ABC Television News Network presents
American Newsstand
the mid-afternoon report with the accent on you
Brought to you by Milton Bradley
producer of exciting age identified family games
Now here is Roger Sharp
Good afternoon
At his news conference today President John Kennedy
spoke out in reference to the growing number of complaints
from reservers and National guardsmen called to active duty during this national emergency
This men who are may be serving in a very cold…
Reports Humberto Martínez Morosini
Good night folks
Unsuccessful search of the Brazilian plane disappeared last Saturday
when was flying to the port of Pisco
The Peruvian Air Force intensified…
Peter Jennings with the News…

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