Wrap up of major world news in 2019

Wrap up of major world news in 2019

2019 was full of hurdles for various
parts of our broad seeking greater democracy and political autonomy
protests in Hong Kong continues and the UK is inching closer to realizing brexit
Kim dama sheds light on some of the major headline makers over the year the
year of 2019 was a full of movements to achieve sweeping change what began over
a controversial extradition bill in Hong Kong has now evolved into a broader
feuless movement for a greater Democratic freedom after weeks of
violent clashes between riot police and demonstrators the bill that will allow
for criminal suspects to be extradited to China was indefinitely scrapped in
September but that didn’t stop the protesters a cries for greater democracy
under the motor of five demands and not one less Hong Kong protesters are
fighting for a for other rights including amnesty for arrested
protesters and an independent inquiry into alleged police brutality violence
has a drag dollar throughout the island in the worst instance an 18 year old
protesters was shot in the chest with a liable ABAI riot police according to the
Hong Kong daily Ming Pao police have arrested nearly six thousand people
between June and December and roughly a third of them were students tensions are
reaching a fever pitch with escalating anti-chinese sentiment especially among
young protesters were less likely to identify themselves as a Chinese other
defining moments in the movement include the standoff between riot police and
protesters at the barricaded campus of Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University the
US Congress passing a bill supporting Hong Kong and last but not least the
local elections held last month the vote saw a landslide victory for
pro-democracy movements with all 18 councils are now controlled by
pro-democracy councillors it’s very likely that Hong Kong protesters will
keep doing what they do until next year when when we have the Yeomen City
Council elections I suspect the Hong Kong protesters will use the same
it’s a methodology to try and gather more votes in the leader to Nexis in
actions 2019 has also been a full of ups and downs for the UK the country has yet
another new Brexton deadline described on January 31st 2020 the British
government formed by the Conservative Party has introduced a revised version
of its withdrawal agreement bill that the UK will no longer be a part of the
EU starting on January 31st that’s assuming the European Parliament also
gives a green lights even after its departure it’s not tea and the dub
breaks a story the UK will enter an 11 month transition period until December
31st next year the UK’s a trading relationship with the EU will remain the
same following the years Ross but this is the
period when the UK and the EU will have to work on a free trade deal but if a
trade deal is not ready by the end of next year
that will mean checks and Terms on British goods entering the EU in fact
total UK trade last year came to more than one point seven trillion US dollars
almost half of which was within you so the transition period will be a crucial
time for the UK to achieve a a free trade deal Johnson has a clarified there
will be no form of extension to the transition period but one thing’s for
sure many more negotiations and talks involving the BRICS in Java are to be
continued Kim dami Arirang news

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