WTOC TV News Georgia: Tracking technology helps kids with autism

WTOC TV News Georgia: Tracking technology helps kids with autism

Tonight as Southwest Georgia family is
sharing their story about a device that has helped their child cope with autism
US law now requires the Department of Justice to give two million dollars in
grants each year to help law enforcement and nonprofits by tracking devices for
children with autism WALB news 10’s Asia’ Wilson spoke with the family of six year
old Jordan Lyons about the peace of mind they now have knowing their child is
safe I wish for those days you know when you can come in and you just run around
be a normal little boy you know we could sit down and just have a conversation
Kenya Wood has been the guardian of six year old Jordan Lyons since he was one
month old at 18 months doctors diagnosed him with autism
unlike other kids he can’t talk or be self-sufficient it’s hard and sometimes
you know you said sometimes that I can’t sit down to have a normal conversation
with images you know talk as a you know grandmommy
in 2014 she heard about a child with autism drowning in a lake after
wandering off she says she had to do something to keep her grandson safe
when we go to the beach or we were around a pool he would automatically
didn’t know how to swim he was 1 or 2 he would automatically just go in and try
and walk into the water she then discovered AngelSense a
tracking device that can pinpoint a person’s every move down to the second
when I saw it it it was almost like a Godsend at one point with new
upgrades and an app Wood can now talk to Jordan no matter where he is she can
listen to his surroundings and get alerts before it’s too late now she’s
happy the Kevin and Avonte law became the law in the US this year to help
other families like her get assistance with buying devices that could keep
loved ones alive for the law to be passed to help you know low-income
families I am very grateful President Donald Trump signed Kevin and Avontes
law back in March Jordan’s family says he’s doing well all thanks to that

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