You Can’t Take My Daughter: Beyond the Headlines | Lifetime

You Can’t Take My Daughter: Beyond the Headlines | Lifetime

I’m Analyn Megison, and this movie was inspired by
my story and others like it. I am committed to using
my case to effect change worldwide, helping to defend
women and children so they, too, may live without fear. [MUSIC PLAYING] KYLIE PARNELL: My
name’s Kylie Parnell, and I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And I’m a victim
advocate with Cherokee Nation Crime Victims Services. In May of 2018, I was assaulted. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] And then I found
out I was pregnant. I didn’t file an
actual report to press charges on him because I was
afraid of what could happen. In January 2019, I was served
papers by my child’s father for joint custody
and establishment of paternity and visitation. [BELL RINGING] Yes? You’ve been served. As this hearing is to
establish paternal rights, I’ll ask his counsel to proceed
with any new statements. KYLIE PARNELL: So we went
through our local court system, and he is granted visitation
to visit the baby. SARA ZAIDI: So the problem is
that the family court system wants to have the
family together, and it is very, very
difficult for us to prove that that is not always
the most helpful situation. And so often, we’re
trying to prove that the father is not
a helpful individual in this child’s life. And it’s obviously
emotionally draining for the mother and the child
to have to go through this. ANALYN MEGISON: My
daughter was conceived due to a sexual assault. And
she was six years old when the custody case started. And we’re subject
to this nightmare. There was nothing in
place here in Florida to prevent my rapist from coming
after my precious baby girl. It felt like being
raped in open court. I was shocked that I
was being told this by men and women that
were lawyers, people who worked in the courts. This was supposed to be OK. But just because he
had this sperm and this happened, then therefore
that makes it OK. This is family court,
not criminal court. Yes, your honor. MORIAH SILVER: It is not
uncommon to hear that family law, and particularly
family court, is really the third
circle of hell. It is a place that is
extremely challenging to help usher and support
your clients through that particular court system. But Kylie and Analyn have
shown us through their courage, their bravery, and
their persistence that this fight is worth it. [MUSIC PLAYING] ANALYN MEGISON: I
decided I wanted to advocate from my experience. The custody request in the
matter of Hogan and Thompson is formally dismissed. For me, I could look
at it in one of two ways. There’s nothing
here to protect me, or I’ve got a
clean slate to work with to make perfect model law. So I did what I could to
rally support from everybody on a grassroots-level. Reached out to other
coalitions, rape survivors in different areas that
I knew around country to pass the federal Rape
Survivor Child Custody Act. The Rape Survivor
Child Custody Act is an opportunity for
the federal government to ensure that you have
laws that are allowing rape survivors to terminate
the parental rights of their abuser. ANALYN MEGISON: But
when it came to pass the federal Rape Survivor
Child Custody Act, I didn’t know what to expect. The laws, you can change them,
but if it couldn’t be done right the first time
around, I was going to be having to constantly fix
the mess and making it right and adjusting it later on,
which is one of the nightmares of legislation. The Rape Survivor Child
Custody Act was passed in 2015, and was enacted in 2016. ANALYN MEGISON: When the
legislation went through, it was like I had another baby. It was very exciting. [MUSIC PLAYING] But the thing is, laws are only
as good as the people who can apply them and enforce them. So changing a law is a
great starting point, but how they’re enforced is
in a whole different thing. [MUSIC PLAYING] MORIAH SILVER: The Rape Survivor
Custody Act merely incentivizes states to change
their standards when they determine whether to
terminate the parental rights of a rapist. States are the ones who
determine child custody issues and the standards
at which we use to terminate parental rights. What we need more is
for states to understand that the law at the
state level created these loopholes that
are causing women to fall through the cracks. And because of that, it’s the
state law that needs to fix it. But the Rape Survivor
Custody Act is a step in the right direction. ANALYN MEGISON:
There’s a whole range of different women walking
through these experiences. And we’ve done what
we can to build that sisterhood, that support
system for each other. KYLIE PARNELL: I met Analyn
in the spring of 2019. And she told me how, even though
I may be a victim advocate and I can help others,
that I still would need help during my own process. ANALYN MEGISON: Being
able to advocate is a very important part
of my healing process. I know what my scars feel like. I know where they are, and
I’m not going to hide them. KYLIE PARNELL: It was nice to
be able to sit across the table from someone who had also been
through something that I had, and be able to connect with
them on a different level. MORIAH SILVER: Survivors
like Analyn and Kylie are the ones who
change the laws. They’re the ones who
make the difference. KYLIE PARNELL: I feel like,
through my circumstances that have happened, I’ve been very
blessed with a story that can help other women to keep going,
that they can still reach out to people who can help them. And I feel God has
blessed my life with my kids and my family. ANALYN MEGISON: I mean, I’ve
got a lot I want to see change and done in this
world to make it a better place for my
children before they grow into adulthood. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. This movie was very good and it just blew me away at how this man was able to stalk, harass, and antagonize this woman repeatly.. I am glad that she stood her ground and fought back may GOD continue to bless her daily in the name of Jesus Christ..

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